Martian Thoughts

Cacophonous existences


The spring sun was out and the day was warmer than any other had been since early autumn. The birds chirped on branches sprouting incipient buds. Intrepid insects buzzed around the garden table. The screen on my phone glared at the sun, but I was happy for its blinding, bright intrusion in my morning read. Even the kids playing next door blended in the background. Then came the thunderous blast of music so far down my taste hierarchy as it was played beyond any reasonable volume metric. Back inside it was, to the other side of the house, seeking shelter from the sonorous assault.

Complaining about the loudness of my neighbour’s music should worry me that I’ve become a premature old grump. Thankfully, I can honestly reassure myself that, even as a child, I would despair at the cacophonous existence of those living around my mum’s abode. It’s not so much about being irritable but about this unfathomable practice of ignoring that there is life beyond the self.

Indeed, before we can tackle global crises that require the combined action of billions of people, it would be good if we could prove to ourselves that we can enjoy life without annoying the crap out of each other.