Martian Thoughts

Double-edged law


Anyone with an interest in the truth knows that the law – whichever law it may be – is fiction. Indeed, there is nothing more insulting to science than calling the undeniable foundations of reality “the laws of nature”. There is nothing undeniable about the law. Rather, it is incredibly vague and given to interpretation.

Of course, people who defend their actions based on the law want us to believe that it is definitive, immutable and unambiguous. Yet, we can often use the same law to argue the opposite point. One quick search. One relevant and timely piece of advice. One moment of sagacity, one spark of lucidity. Any of the above is all it takes to dismantle a carefully presented case of solidity and unquestionability.

Unlike the truths of nature, the laws of humans are for us to use. It may feel like a double-edged sword, but as such, we can also brandish it.