Martian Thoughts

Friends in high and low places


Having friends in positions of power shouldn’t be our goal. Making friends with those under our command shouldn’t be something to avoid.

Regardless of rank, it is common for people who work together, and who spend hours on the same projects, to develop relationships. Most great friendships have their origins at work, much like our best friends come from those years attending school together. Yet, some will abuse certain dynamics and take advantage of personal relationships to advance their professional ambitions. It works both ways, too: those befriending those in high places in hopes of rising to the top and those befriending those they manage wishing they won’t complain about any unfair situations they may impose on them.

Many choose to avoid mixing the personal and the professional altogether. While I understand the logic, it reminds me of that idea of chopping the forest down to prevent future wildfires. Surely, we can do better. Any friend worth their salt will understand any professional decision that doesn’t favour them – as long as it’s fair and logical. Any leader worth their salt won’t be afraid of being themselves in front of their people – as long as they’re fair and logical.