Martian Thoughts

From the rules, beyond the rules


There is a lack of care for the established rules in artistic creation that originates from an innate rejection of order or a lazy approach to culture.

Those who survive this naive primaeval stage will enter the vast desert of learning how art is made. It turns out – big surprise, crazy plot twist – that rules turn us into better creatives. By studying what has been done before, we may tread more stimulating paths than we would have if having to come up with an entire history of the arts by ourselves. After all, we don’t isolate children so they can invent new languages – which undoubtedly they would – but teach them our languages so they can take them away and butcher them into their next mutations.

Reserved for the greatest is a legendary space, a mythological realm, a promised land. Only those who have mastered the rules can get there, but not all that have will. There live those who, upon understanding and thriving in the accepted and celebrated forms of artistic endeavour, choose to obliterate the norm and build whatever the hell they feel like building.