Martian Thoughts

Vandalism can’t make sense


In its simplicity, vandalism is almost impossible to comprehend. Of course, the more intelligent or at least logical we become, the harder the task is to understand the madness of ruining something valuable for no apparent reason.

Paradoxically, this is the only fascinating aspect of vandalism: our incapacity to make sense of it. Over the years, this is the only correlation I’ve been able to establish: the more meaningless an existence, the closer it sits to such nonsensical actions. Let chaos rain when chaos reigns.

Indeed, whenever I’ve spoken to vandals, I’ve found they don’t reason their acts. They don’t need to; they need not to, in fact. Senseless violence can’t make sense.

Some like to dive deep and probe the inexplicable. Often, we’d be more efficient if we simply sought to give more people a chance to have purpose.